General questions
Application can be installed from Shopify appstore or by visiting IMAGEPRIME.CO

The steps involved in installing from IMAGEPRIME.CO are really simple. All you need to do is:

  • Open the link
  • Type your shop URL in given field i.e.
  • Click Install application
  • Confirm Payment, and the application is ready to use
IMAGEPRIME.CO only requires one time subscription fee of 10$
IMAGEPRIME.CO provides complete solution to maintain and protect your images. You have options of choosing to watermark your images, show QRcode on the image and reduce image size of the images
Watermark your images to promote your store, and protect the photos from being used without permission
Adding a Qr code to your photos can lead your customer directly to the product for customer ease
Compressing images will enable your customers to load images faster, resulting in better customer experience
IMAGEPRIME.CO provides flexability for you to choose how you want to optimize your store. If you want to only use image compression, just click on the checkbox next to compress images i.e and click next, You can also choose to perform all three optimization techniques on your images
You will be notified via email as soon as your shop has been optimized.
You can choose to skip email notification by clicking button and you will not recieve the notification, whereas your shop is optimized in the background
No, A processed image cannot be reverted back to orignal form.